Marlo, Makeup Maven | Boston Boudoir Photographer

Last June, I had an absolute blast getting to photograph a sultry, sandy session with the dearest Marlo.

As one of our Hair and Makeup Mavens, Marlo's strength and vibrancy is nothing less than the cream in my coffee, the honey in my tea.

I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to her!

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Unbreakable Adrianne | Boston Boudoir Photographer

Meet Adrianne, she's a woman with great wisdom which she gained through life experience. I'm telling you this gal is badass. Adrianne transformed her negative experiences to wisdom and she's so fearless and compassionate to share her intimate and personal story to the world so women who's struggling with what she experienced will know that they are not alone. She was diagnosed with vulvodynia which can be physically painful as well as causing emotional distress...

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Timeless Beauty of Becoming | Boston Boudoir Photographer

"The feeling I had when I saw the pictures, which was completely and totally unexpected, was freedom.  If I'm really the person in the pictures, I can stop pretending to be something I used to be. That what I am now is exactly what I am meant to be.  And that my outside actually matches my inside, which I didn't even realize I didn't believe was true." she shared...

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