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Boston Boudoir Photography

By Melissa Luella
















Boudoir Photography by Melissa Luella

Our boudoir photography empowers women to see their truest self - genuinely beautiful, fearless, radiant, and remarkably inspiring! 

Let’s be honest, you’re wearing too many clothes. Trust me, you'd feel better if you wore less – a lot less! When I work with my clients, a lot more gets removed than simply layers of fabric. Sexy confidence jumps out when layers of doubt are removed as well! 

My job is pretty easy. I'm always at the right place at the right time because I have my most fascinating subject right in front of me. Think of me as your own personal biographer to your intimate side!

Finding your amazing features is a given - it will always happen during our sessions together. But I’m super ambitious. I like to capture images that go beyond the feminine outer beauty of modern women. Instead, I want to reveal the inner courage and playful joy that transforms your outer beauty into radiant moments in time.    

I invite you to a boudoir session with me in my Boston studio, it will change the way you see yourself! Let's make you feel and look beautiful.






Boudoir photography for extraordinary everyday women










Why Women Do Boudoir sessions?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should book a session:

  1. It will empower you! Revel in your fearlessness and femininity. 
  2. It's the number 1 wedding boudoir photography trend. Perfect gift for your future groom.
  3. Darling, you'll look amazing. Did I say amazing? I mean smokin!
  4. It's a fantastic way to celebrate a milestone.
  5. Make someone feel special with a great and unique gift - Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, or Holidays.
  6. You'll get all dolled up.
  7. See how beautiful you are NOW, just as you are.
  8. Want to feel sexy again? Need to get your oomph back?
  9. Stop time and document your youth.
  10. You get to be yourself! Simply beautiful, radiant and inspiring.


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