Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my boudoir session take place?

Our boudoir photography studio is located in Somerville, MA. It's a beautiful corner studio that has so much natural light at Joy Street Artist Studios! I’ve designed our studio with a modern minimalist style and added vintage pieces to bring it all together. Take a sneak peak by clicking the link above!

Is there parking available at the studio?

Yes! There’s free parking in front of the building. Just let me know when you arrive and I’ll meet you downstairs to guide you through the maze of studios at Joy Street Artist Studios.


When should I book my session?

I recommend that women have their shoot date scheduled around 2 months prior to needing your printed product delivered. Day and time slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Your photo reveal appointment will be 1-2 weeks after your photo session and your finished product (depending on what you order) will arrive 3-4 weeks after you order.

How much do I need to pay when I book my session?

A non-refundable session fee of your choice is required to reserve a spot in my insane calendar. Either $350 for the popular Full Session or $210 for a La Petite Session. All products are purchased A La Carte or as packages at your viewing/ordering session. I want you to see your stunning photographs before making a decision on what to take home. You’ll get the complete product list after our initial consultation call.

How much should I expect to spend on products?

Products are purchased in ADDITION to the session fee. Totally depends on what package or product that floats your boat! On average clients spend around $1,290 - $2,100 and purchase th most popular Bold Package. Clients are always surprised by how many photos they cannot live without! I’m ECSTATIC to deliver stunning photos, that’s why you hired your truly! For more information on products visit the pricing page. After our consultation call, we’ll send you a Boudoir Guide which includes the full product list and prep guide for your reference. We take all major credit cards, cash and checks.


Do you provide hair and makeup?

Yasssss! Full Sessions include professional hair and make-up to get you glammed up for your shoot. I adore our three badass professional make-up artists - Marlo, Sam and Sonja. They are truly the best in the Boston area!

I'm a wee bit nervous! What should I do?

Not to worry, you're going to rock this! A lot of women I photograph feel the same way in the first few minutes of the session. How awesome do you feel when you mastered a new skill, finished a daunting project or exceeded a goal you've been working towards? Ahhhhmazing I bet, the bigger the challenge the more fulfilling it is. Same reason I don't discourage nerves for your boudoir session. It makes the entire experience much more powerful. Just like bungee jumping or sky diving, it seems daunting but once you've done it you'll feel invincible! 

Will there be anyone else present besides Melissa at my session?

It will be just you and me (Melissa) once you get your hair and make-up done. Our make-up artist leaves once she’s done glamming you up for your session. I want you to be completely comfortable so rest assured you'll have all the privacy you want. 


Can I bring a friend for the shoot?

Yes, HOWEVER your gal pal or buddy can only hang out with us while you get your hair and make-up done. He/She will have to go somewhere when we start shooting unless you need special assistance from your companion. Based on my experience, the best photographs are taken when you have the space to really express yourself and fully let your guard down.


Will you be editing the photos?

Absolutely, I'll retouch the images to look like your best self. I'll narrow the set of photographs for your viewing/ordering session. You'll choose from the best photographs during your shoot when you come back to place your order.

Do you provide wardrobe? What should I bring? 

The secret to a sexy lingerie is the perfect fit! Clients are responsible for bringing their own wardrobe that accentuates their curves and style. A full session allows for three outfit changes while a La Petite session includes two outfits, so please bring anything that you FEEL fabulous in... kimonos, jeans, bra and panty set, bodysuit, birthday suit and the sexy list goes on! Always bring an extra outfit or two, just in case.

What if I need to reschedule my session due to unforeseeable situations?

No sweat! Life happens. Just let me know at least 3 days before the shoot and when you'd like to reschedule and I’ll work with you. Note that the session fee is not refunded/applied to future shoots if you CANCEL your session instead of rescheduling. No show, day before or day of rescheduling are considered a cancellation.

On which days can I book Melissa for a shoot?

Most of the sessions are scheduled Monday - Friday, I have VERY limited weekends available as it gets booked up first. Please don’t wait as I book up fast! I have clients booking 8 months in advance.

When can I see my photos after the session and how do I select my images?

Gurrrrrrl I cannot wait as much as you! I’m a one woman show so please bear with me. Your in-person photo reveal appointment will be approximately 1-2 weeks after your photo session. I’ll reach out once your set is ready for your reveal/ordering session so you can visit the studio to choose your favorite images that will go into your album, glass box, or packages.


I want to keep my photos private and not to be seen by anyone online, will you put them on your site?

A big NO! Your privacy is VERY important to me. The only times I feature clients online are when they have given consent to share their images. Let me know if you're cool with sharing your beauty and I’ll give you a discount for your courage and confidence!

Do you shoot men or “dudoir” sessions?

My expertise lies in accentuating women’s curves, making women’s legs look 10 miles long and see themselves in the most flattering angle. I’ll stick to what I’m good at! I’m always happy to refer men to other boudoir photographers in the area who do dudoir sessions.