Forty-Licious | Boston Boudoir Photographer

As a photographer, we’re observers and compelled to photograph what moves us. For me it's you... how you move, your journey, your inherent qualities and what makes you damn inspiring! I can never capture a woman's essence in one photograph because you're dynamic and one image won't represent your totality. Each woman is a protector, a daughter, maybe a mother, and most definitely a lover and with so much richness of qualities, I try to capture something authentic and timeless. Mrs. M cheers to your tenacity and seizing your inner power to achieve what many just dream of doing. Thanks for showing us that anything is possible!


Her Story

Mrs. M flew all the way from Texas to celebrate her 40th birthday with a boudoir shoot. This knockout is a mom of two and has lost… wait for it... a whopping 75 lbs! For those who love carbs and wine as much as I do, you know that it requires so much power and perseverance to achieve such a feat. She’s simply incredible and I’m forever grateful that she’s sharing her journey to inspire us all. 

Let’s talk about fear. Much like a lot of people, she has a fear of failing. She said sometimes she won’t even try because she’s so scared she won’t succeed. The biggest thing that stops us from achieving the life we want is fear. Over the years, I’ve learned how to embrace it. Being fearless is being afraid of something and yet still doing it!

“With weight loss, I tried many times and failed.  Usually when I really commit to something, I follow through with it but it requires almost a black and white decision (like "I do this every day no matter what, even if I slept 2 hours, even if my knee hurts, even if my bed is suuuuper warm and its cold and rainy outside like this morning").


“Starting in college and early adulthood, my weight was never something I thought about or needed to manage. Over the years, pounds creeped on... especially after two pregnancies. I somehow decided to hang up my "sexy hat" and trade it for a "mom hat", thinking they don't coexist. But my body didn't move like I wanted it to, and it sometimes hurt, and I had some health problems. I discovered I had some food allergies, and changing that helped my energy levels and overall functioning. From there, I began to attend a workout class 5 days a week at 5:30am. That first month, the only reason I made it there was a friend who picked me up every morning and held me accountable. I am forever grateful to her for that kick in the butt. I am now down 75 lbs. and cut my body fat percentage by more than half. 4 years into my fitness journey, I still rarely miss a class. If I miss it, I feel like a dog that needs a walk. I crave the release of endorphins and I absolutely love the freedom that comes with being strong.


The Shoot

“Even during my brief skinny period in high school, I had your regular teenage insecurities getting to know myself and who I was and what I wanted in life. Now I am a grown-ass woman. I know what I want. I know who I am. I fight for my friends and my family. I am kind. I am strong. I decided the way to welcome 40 was to do this boudoir shoot. I didn't use to like pictures of my face. Taking pictures in underwear? Whaaaaat?! But also, heck yes. WHY NOT?!”


The Aftermath

“The way this shoot has affected me is really profound. Melissa is such an artist and she knows how to pose you to flatter your curves and highlight your lines and shadows. Looking at the pictures, I see myself and my body differently. I went through my photos and picked my favorites. Then I showed my husband, and he had different favorites. He explained to me why he liked the ones he liked. The facial expressions that looked silly or drunk to me looked "relaxed and happy" to him. I feel so empowered with what I've accomplished physically, but I also like how I feel inside this time. A buddhist teacher told me last night that we "aim to keep joy stable in our hearts" This photo shoot has given me a lot of joy in my heart.”  


I asked Mrs. M what advice she can give to women and she said Trust your intuition and your motivation and be kind to yourself. No one is perfect and you'll never feel "ready" for certain things. Pushing your boundaries is what gives the best pay off for personal development. Be fearless!"




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