Behind the Lens | Boston Boudoir Photographer

I didn’t grow up dreaming about taking intimate portraits for a living and I certainly didn't anticipate how boudoir would change my life. I’m extremely grateful that I ended up here and it's proof that anything is possible.

Each woman that I photograph has inspired me in more ways than one. From learning their varied and beautiful life experiences to getting rid of my own stiff ideas about my body… these incredible ladies have helped me to be more confident in my own skin and feel empowered in all aspects of my life!

It's been a challenging and exciting journey to do a complete 180 with my career at the age of 30. I recently moved to a bigger and more badass space a month ago and I’m fired up more than ever!

As a boudoir photographer, I ask women to reveal their authentic selves and figured it's time I walk the walk. I wanted the last boudoir shoot at the old space to be my own... enter talented hubby who helped me execute this personal project. That’s right, I’m getting nekked! Eeeekkkk!!!

The Journey

I was born in the Philippines and grew up in a farm in the outskirts of Manila. I was a farm girl at heart, climbed trees and had a pet peacock (for realsies!). Yes it was a legit farm with chickens, cows and all. When I was a kid my summer job was selling mangoes. You had lemonades... I had my mangoes. "Mister, mister you can taste a mango for free and I'll give you extra if you buy" That worked like a charm! I obviously wanted to get rid of all the mangoes fast. To a kid's time is precious!

I'm lucky to have been brought up in such good conditions. Don’t get me wrong my family and I were never wealthy, sometimes our conditions were actually the opposite but I realized richness is not what’s in your bank account, it’s about the people that surrounds you… family, friends and inspiring human examples who challenge their limits.

My Dad is a retired pilot and his travels had made him very open minded. I get my creativity from him and he’s always pushed me to follow my heart. His encouragement to create has been vital to who I am now. I have three stylish older sisters with huge and colorful personalities. They’re my very own Spice Girls who taught me how to love unconditionally and to embrace authenticity. 

Joy was our richness in our household, yes we did pull each others hair when we were younger but it was obvious that we had something special. My mom passed away from a car accident when I was nine, but that’s a different story. In short, it changed my view instantly. One moment I was worrying about my favorite purple dress and half an hour later my perception of the world shifted. Moments like that propel anyone to mature quicker, learning the teaching of impermanence at such a young age.  

One thing I learned is you choose to become a victim of your circumstances or rise from it. Tragedies happen to people all the time, you have two options. You succumb to the pain and drama which only brings you down, or you can use it as inspiration, motivation and not taking anything for granted in your life. I chose the latter. Fist pump!

So fast forward to 30, I quit a nine year career at an Advertising Agency in Chicago as their Associate Media Director to move to Dallas to be with my now husband. I’ve been doing photography as a hobby and have decided that this is what I want to do. I was shooting weddings during weekends and got a job at one of the leading boudoir studios in the city. That was it! I had an aha moment and fell in love with the genre, with the experience, and with how it makes women come alive and break barriers. 

Learning about women in the most intimate and personal level touched me so deeply that I just had to follow my heart. It opened doors to hearing their life experiences. I was amazed when women started sharing their fears, passion, challenges, and everything in between. At 32, I could say that I found my passion in life. It was not easy and some days are still quite challenging but my purpose is bigger than I could ever imagine which drives me to work harder not only for myself but for others.

Unmasking Women

I’ve photographed 19 to 62 year olds in all shapes and sizes. What's fascinating is that they all have one thing in common. In each session, there is a moment when my clients open up completely. They forget themselves and how they want to be perceived. It’s like taking off the mask that we always put on to brave the world. When we do take it off, oh gurllll it’s on! We radiate and shine like a diamond! It’s the feeling that anything is possible. It’s like you’re on top of the world and that you’re meant to live life out loud! It’s being fearless and fabulous because you simply are! These are the moments I live for. They spark my fire… well okay honestly it’s a blazing bonfire!

When women have their reveal sessions, it’s a very emotional, personal and joyful moment all at once. I’ve had ladies change the way they perceive their body. Some are grateful for showing them what their husband or boyfriend sees in them. Others get their oomph back after a divorce or break-up. During a reveal session, one powerful woman in her fifties taught me with tears in her eyes, “Nobody tells you that aging is fabulous”. Waaaaahhhh! I know, I know… I’m a softy and even cried during the newest Beauty & the Beast movie (no judgement!). I’m an all or nothing kind of gal and with boudoir you have my heart.

I freakin’ love what I do and it’s an honor to do this work. Join me on this fun and fabulous journey to inspire as many women as possible and to remind them how spankin awesome they are! I can’t wait to hear your story and take stunning photographs of you. Send me a note and let’s rock!