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The reason I love what I do most is when I get to learn about the women I shoot and what really drives them. We talk, get to know one another and as I learn more about these women and their stories, I'm always freakin' impressed and inspired. Really... the experience is deeply touching and beautiful it's indescribable. 

Meet Adrianne, she's a woman with great wisdom which she gained through life experience. I'm telling you this gal is badass. As we met in my Boston boudoir photography studio in Medford, MA, she opened up and told me one of her life stories. During her session, she showed me her powerful inner strength she had developed throughout the years. It was brilliantly captivating!

Her Story

Adrianne is a go-getter whose positivity lights a fire of spunkiness and wit that's hard to beat. She's an intelligent woman who turned what she loved to do into a career as a documentary and editorial photographer. (You should check out her work!) “I love entering situations that are magical for people, and becoming the eye that they’ll remember this with. I studied the philosophy of history in college; what mainly fascinated me was how stories and facts can change… there's an empirical need in me to document even the little things for our collective memory moving forward.” Her fascination with history and that desire to keep records of it is moving. Her drive is relatable and familiar to me. We initially connected as fellow photographers capturing moments and turning them into stunning art work. 

Adrianne transformed her negative experiences to wisdom and she's so fearless and compassionate to share her intimate and personal story to the world so women who are struggling with what she experienced will know that they are not alone. 

She was diagnosed with vulvodynia which can be physically painful as well as causing emotional distress. Women with vulvodynia have chronic vulvar pain with no known cause. Until recently doctors didn’t recognize this as a real pain syndrome and many women don't receive a diagnosis. It's a condition that's obviously not easy to discuss but Adrianne wants to share her story to help and support others. Read more about her experience on her own blog. She told me "It really made me resent my body; our culture is so "sex! sex! sex!" and I was like BUT, BUT ... I CAN'T. I was told it might be permanent and I went through a lot of grieving over that; it felt like 75% of what it meant to be human had just been taken both from me and whoever I was in love with. It did finally go away once I was diagnosed and got appropriate treatment, although it's likely to come back, but the experience absolutely removed any sense of shame I have in talking about it. Vaginas! I could go on for days...but the more I talk about it the more I learn that other women have experienced the same thing. When you assume everyone else has it great and you're suffering alone, you're being a bully to yourself and unfair to others. Reach out when you're going through something hard, don't retreat in."

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The Shoot

Knowing what she's been through and how life experience has made her get to such a great place was inspiring to see and capture. I was so drawn to that spark of positivity with a mix of raw authenticity that she possesses. Taking photographs of her in my Boston boudoir photography studio was so meaningful, it was a precious gift for me and to others who are having tough challenges in life. Look at this woman who came out of her struggles so powerful and amazing! To me she's... unbreakable!

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The Aftermath

I asked her to describe her experience with me and she had this to say: "I think any time being vulnerable (ie: nearly naked, or being in front of a camera... maybe being nearly naked in front of a camera is like vulnerability squared) in front of another person winds up being a lighthearted, validating, and fun experience, the whole world just feels like a more trustworthy and beautiful place. It makes me want to strive to give others that experience too, whether it's when they're in my studio, at a party, or just networking over coffee. Being open and welcoming to whoever that person is can have a domino effect."

I love how Adrianne breaks stereotypes. Once she knows what she wants, she goes for it so fiercely. I won't forget that spunky attitude and her deeply moving story. I'm beyond grateful I got the chance to really get to know her and take such stunning images of a woman I feel I can relate to so well. Her work and passion for photography and people is remarkable and uplifting.

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Get in touch with me today and we can get to know one another. If you would like to see more of my work, check out Melinda’s story. I can't wait to get to know you. I can't wait for your inspiration!

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