A Love Letter to Our Daughter | Boston Boudoir Photographer


Allow me to bare my heart for a moment. I’ve been meaning to write about the journey of pregnancy… specifically how I saw the body transform and it’s power! Even up to this day I still can’t believe that I have a human growing inside me. How MAGICAL is that?!

These photographs were taken by my hubby in January. No he is NOT a photographer, he’s an engineer… VERY analytical and makes decisions based on statistics while I’m the type who bought a laptop in college just because it’s the right hue of red! Beyond impressed with his skills and his love oozing in these images, I’m deeply grateful that we worked on this passion project together.

I was 6 months pregnant when we did the shoot. Looking at where I am today I wish we did the shoot a bit later as I didn’t know what was yet to come. The images show just a glimpse of the journey as my body continues to change dramatically in my third trimester. Varicose veins, acne, cellulite, and HELLOOO hormones and the list goes on. They came like a mystery box wrapped with a big red bow… and yet I've been lucky to have an easy pregnancy. Kudos to moms who go through a lot more challenges! On this note, check out the hilarious Amy Schumer special Growing on Netflix.

I’m officially a tigress and we will rock it! I didn’t get stretch marks until midway through my third trimester. Once it started, they appeared deep and painful but at the end of the day they are superficial and I would take it ANY day as long as our little bebe is healthy. A wise momma friend said with a smile “They are like warrior marks from the journey of giving birth”.

Skin and Kin

To document this stage of motherhood, I had a vision of having these Demi Moore style pregnancy photographs from the 90s. I’ve come a long way with how I perceive my body. I was that kid that would feel weird changing clothes even in front of my own sisters and would cover up. Baring it all, both outer and inner state is no walk in the park, but I must say that this is the most beautiful gift given to me by the ladies who trusted our team to create intimate portraits of themselves.

Now as I write these words, we are waiting for our little one to change the arc of our lives forever. Literally any day now! How can you be DEEPLY in love with someone without meeting them? How is it possible that you can feel so much for a being? I think this is one of the most profound teaching we can ever learn. My heart melts every time my hubby rubs my whale size belly at night and whispers to her “Hello… how are you doing in there? We can’t wait to meet you” and our bebe recognizes his voice and starts showing off her strength!

As I reflect on my experiences growing up with insecurities (I’m sure I’m not the only one who went through puberty), I want our little one to grow up with a different perspective of her body. Shifting the focus from attaining perfection to what is really meaningful.



Little darling,

As our perfectly tethered bodies grow, I learned a lesson that I wish all mothers and fathers would share to their children. We want you to love the skin you are in and not let others make you feel any different. Always remember that your body is a tool. Your height or weight does NOT define less or more of who you are. Use its power to benefit, inspire and protect others. You are MORE than your body, you are limitless! Your body will change, constantly like a river always shifting and never the same. Enjoy the beautiful changes that happen, like running your fingers through cool water on a hot day. You can’t hold or avoid it.

The body is perfect as it is because you can use it… specially when it’s healthy, it’s strong and that’s all that matters. Everything else is a gift. Scars will form, embrace every inch of it as it marks maturity and life experience. Small imperfections are beautiful imprints of your own life, wear it with grace as it tells your story. Don’t be lazy but remember to rest. Play hard and watch where your strength takes you. Aging is happening the moment you are born. Don’t resist but rather use your limited time on this earth wisely. Getting sick or ouchies are part of life, but it’s a wonderful reminder that conditions change so fast. We learn to appreciate when we can fly with our wings at high speed. Go breathe in your potential and breathe out the impossible!

With deepest love,



I want to encourage every being to celebrate the power of their body in any stage of their life. Do not underestimate your magnificence!