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Timeless Beauty of Becoming | Boston Boudoir Photographer

"The feeling I had when I saw the pictures, which was completely and totally unexpected, was freedom.  If I'm really the person in the pictures, I can stop pretending to be something I used to be. That what I am now is exactly what I am meant to be.  And that my outside actually matches my inside, which I didn't even realize I didn't believe was true." she shared...

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Fearless Melinda | Boston Boudoir Photographer

We achieved something special through our shoot.  A Melinda that was unadulterated, beautiful & bold!  She has since told me how amazing the experience was for her and how it was liberating on so many levels.  I will never forget the bonds I've formed with former clients, Melinda being no exception.  The connection we had was unmistakable and I have her to thank for that.  I am grateful for that connection, because through her growing confidence I felt mine do the same...

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The Art of Being You | Boston Boudoir Photographer

She’s vibrant, positive and compelling.  There was something about Cristina that attracts people around her, maybe it was her charisma, her personality or her great style.  Nonetheless, she was fascinating. She came in to the studio both arms carrying bags of shoes and clothes, I didn’t expect anything less from a fashionista... 

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