I’ve always been captivated by people I meet, especially the women I photograph. There’s something about a fearless woman baring more than just her beauty to a complete stranger. We uncover something intimate and personal. I think it’s the mixture of vulnerability and confidence that’s fascinating.

A boudoir session allows women to step outside their comfort zone and just show how radiant, fearless and genuinely beautiful they are. Clients have different reasons why they want to do a session, whether they recently got divorced, planning to have kids and want to capture their body before it changes, a mom who just needed her oomph back or a bride wanting to give something special for her fiancé and some do it for themselves and that’s badass! Each experience is unique and personal, I simply use the camera as a mirror to show you how shiny you are.

I’m deeply touched when I reveal to clients their photographs. This is what makes my heart skip. It’s what drives me to work harder to be able to photograph more women in all shapes and sizes. 

These women are much more than just having pretty faces, they have amazing stories to tell. If you are thinking of doing a boudoir shoot, stop thinking and just do it. I promise you’ll see yourself in a whole new light! Shine bright darling!