The Art of Being You | Boston Boudoir Photographer

The first time I talked to Cristina on the phone, I was immediately thrilled to meet her. She’s vibrant, positive and compelling. There was something about Cristina that attracts people around her, maybe it was her charisma, her personality or her great style. Nonetheless, she was fascinating. She walked in to the studio with both arms full of bags of shoes and clothes, I didn’t expect anything less from a fashionista. Cristina Pimentel is the brains and beauty behind The Fuchsia Files, a personal styling and wardrobe consulting firm. She began her path in styling through working retail all over the streets of New York City and became obsessed with women’s natural beauty. Clients kept on requesting her services not only because everyone loved her but because stylish is her middle name.

I asked Cristina why she started The Fuchsia Files, “When you feel good, you do good. Personal style is the reflection of ones identity and message onto the world. Owning that is such a liberating and inspiring process to experience."

She loves making women feel their best in their own skin. “A confident woman can move mountains," she said and at that moment I knew she’s my kind of gal. “I can take the vision of yourself you’ve always wanted to fulfill and align you with the tools to bring that to life. The gift of confidence is invaluable."

During our session, I learned more about Cristina. Her biggest challenge recently is handling growth, personally and professionally. Work life balance has been something workaholics and entrepreneurs struggle with. Miss C is not immune to it. She’s telling me about when she moved from NYC to Boston and getting her brand off the ground. She drove herself to the ground. “Only when I was waking up emotionally drained and crying in the shower did I have to talk with my inner queen to turn my glam all the way again." 

That’s it, she’s superbly driven! Hustling in NYC especially in the fashion scene is not a cake walk. Her personal style is a glimpse to her personality - original, eclectic and romantic. She’s unique, one of a kind, driven, fiery and full of spunk. She effortlessly embraces her personality and style like no other woman I've met. I think that's why she's irresistible, she simply rests in her inner richness of being herself. 

I’m amazed and inspired when people follow their passion in life. Cristina was telling me a story that when she was a kid, she was always into fashion. At a young age she owned a sewing machine and started designing and making her clothes. When do we start knowing what we’re meant to do when we grow up?  

I asked her what are you most grateful for? “Support. Those around me, be it my family, friends or partner, none have ever doubted me or my motives. That has been and still is my most valuable trait within my business and myself. My support system is as blindly supportive behind fulfilling my dreams as my own will!” 

What's her words of wisdom to women? “Be you, it’s the sexiest thing about you. Disregard what anyone or anything tells you how you’re suppose to be or look like. The you - YOU love is more than enough. Own it."