Fearless Melinda | Boston Boudoir Photographer

I believe we're inclined to find connections with one another and to develop relationships with those we encounter. As a boudoir photographer in Boston, MA I always ask women to be open and excited for the experience. That's my secret to an amazing boudoir session!  It matters to me especially to find that deeper connection with my clients.  With Melinda, I didn't have to look far to find the ways which we relate.  We met up in Medford, MA for the photo shoot.  Vibing off one another, I saw I can relate to her; the trust that comes from relating to someone is totally unmatched.  The end result being both stunning intimate portraits and a renewed confidence and understanding of oneself.

Her Story

Melinda was born in Cambridge, MA and a girly girl growing up. She grew up with a single parent… the first similarity we share. Hearing about this while getting to know her really stood out to me. In a way we connected on a deeper level, having gone through similar childhoods.

She grew up to be a fierce woman to behold, winning the heart of her husband with whom she has two boys with.  That strong will and drive fostered an entrepreneurial spirit: a business woman was born. Yet another way I totally get this girl! She owns the small business Happy Soirée, a lifestyle blog and shop.  Her mission is to encourage people to celebrate life!

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Her passion is to surround herself with all the beauty in the world.  “People may look at decor or design as something vain or unnecessary,” she describes, “...It's something that brings us joy.  It ties us together, it's a way of expression and connects people.  I think that means something.”

The Shoot

Coming from a place of connection and inspiration, I was excited to show the world how amazing, fearless and remarkable Melinda is.

I've dedicated my life to empower the women I shoot.  I wanted Melinda to own every ounce of awesome she had bottled up!

We met in my studio in Medford, MA: a quaint and lovely space where I create fine art photographs. Living in a house full of boys, Melinda had slightly lost that soft touch she once had. Her hands were falling hard upon her own body… yet after a while we were able to reconnect with that gentle yet powerful femininity that has always been there.

As we worked together to get the shots, things became more natural. Her inner beauty became so apparent and bright that it was absolutely stellar!

Every woman should find what it is that brings them confidence, strength and joy. I try to draw that out of them from behind the lens. "It's not about having the confidence to believe that others think you're beautiful, it's feeling it for yourself," Melinda said.

The Aftermath

We achieved something special through our shoot.  A Melinda that was unadulterated, beautiful & bold!  She has since told me how amazing the experience was for her and how it was liberating on so many levels.  I will never forget the bonds I've formed with former clients, Melinda being no exception.  The connection we had was unmistakable and I have her to thank for that.  I am grateful for that connection, because through her growing confidence I felt mine do the same. 

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Boston_Boudoir_Studio Melinda_57

She touched me so deeply when I got an email from her saying this: "Having the chance to meet someone who has dedicated their lives to celebrate other women, who compassionately makes everyone feel their best, is just amazingly touching. I don't know how anyone could not be touched. When I saw the images I wanted to cry because they were so beautiful, I looked beautiful, and there was something there that I had lost touch with. Also, knowing that I did something that I was terrified to do and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life."

I really encourage you to book your own boudoir session!  Let's get started.  We’ll spend time getting to know one another, then we'll work together to capture your inner and outer beauty.